Watched a movie tonight called, “Into the White.” It was a wonderful film based on true events during WWII. It takes place in Norway. A German plane and British plane are shot down. The two opposing sides end up meeting at a cabin in the middle of a white out.

The actors all do a fantastic job. Although, I was worried about one in particular…Rupert Grint. I had never seen him in anything before (no, I have not seen Harry Potter) and didn’t know how he would fair against the others, but I was happily surprised.

The f-word does get dropped at the beginning quite a bit by Grint’s character, but it quickly disappears from his dialogue. The development of the characters and plot are fantastic. I would highly recommend this movie.


So I am debating whether or not to go make some baked chocolate cake doughnuts. On one hand they would taste so good and they wouldn’t be fried. Yet, I probably shouldn’t considering it makes 15 and it would mean having that temptation around. It’s not like I am going to be any time soon. Of course, I could fail miserably and they could taste horrible, but I wouldn’t know unless I tried…oh, and I wouldn’t eat them until morning after my workout (it’s weightlifting day).

Do I give in or do I sit here and allow the thought of a chocolate cake doughnut haunt me until I eventually give in?


Why can’t my flights ever have a flight attendant like this? However, I dread my next flight because I am certain they will attempt to be funny like her and fail miserably.

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Photo Set

I would do the exact same thing if I ever saw myself on the big screen and people clapped. It wouldn’t be arrogance, but a feeling of “I did it. I don’t suck.”

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"I don’t think Thorin’s going on any more adventures after the Battle Of The Five Armies."


- Richard Armitage, for joe.ie (via speakfriendandenter)

This answer obviously shows that the person who asked the question did NOT read the book!

P.S. I hate you Richard for this answer

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What does the fox say?


in tears

And this is exactly why I won’t watch this movie to this day. This is not okay…shame on you for reducing me to a sobbing mess. Who are you, Peter Jackson?

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Two months ago, two of the three people in this picture were alive. Now they’re all gone. :-(

The thing that saddens me most is that there are people out there who don’t know who these three are, and that they never will because they believe that any picture that isn’t in color isn’t worth watching.

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Dean O’Gorman in the DVD extras of DOS

I can see the conversation that led to this…

Dean: Guys, it’s not funny.

Aidan: Oh yes it is.

Ken: That was the biggest mistake I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t you know how to handle your knives?

The three die laughing. Dean lowers his head in shame, plotting his revenge.

Dean (thinking): I learn to handle them and then I’ll show you…I’ll show you all! Then who will be laughing. Me, that’s who.

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